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Daniel Rosado

CEO / Founder

Daniel Rosado is the CEO and Marketing Director of Danriccos Solutions Marketing Agency. He has over 10 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry, and has worked with some of the world's leading brands. Daniel is passionate about helping businesses reach their goals through effective marketing strategies

Elayne de Oliveira

Head of Design and Visual Arts

Elaine de Oliveira is the Head of Design and Visual Content at Danrricos Marketing Agency. Elaine is passionate about creating beautiful and effective visual content that resonates with audiences. She is an expert in graphic design, web design, and digital marketing, and has a deep understanding of how to create content that drives engagement and conversions. Elaine is also a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the design and marketing industry. She is committed to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and respected, and where everyone can contribute to the success of the team. Elaine is a highly creative and innovative thinker, and she loves to push the boundaries of what is possible. She is always looking for new ways to create content that stands out from the crowd and drives results.

Marcos Homem

Head of Social Medias & Ads

Marcos Homem is a Brazilian photographer with over two decades of experience, specializing in photojournalism and advertising photography.
Marcos is known for his architectural photographs, which highlight the lines, curves and colors of his subjects, as well as his food photographs, most notably the use of color and lighting in these images.
His portfolio also includes amazing female beauty images and portraits.
Notably, Marcos Homem has worked with several magazines and advertising agencies.
He has also won awards for his work as a photographer, the most recent being the 2020 Prolagos Photojournalism Award.

Marcos Homem is also a specialist in digital traffic and marketing. He has been working in the field for over 10 years and has helped many companies achieve their marketing goals. It offers services such as traffic campaign analysis and optimization, SEO strategy development, and organic traffic analysis. He is also experienced in social media and works with advertising campaigns to increase reach and engagement with his target audience.

Elias Zabud

Head of Content & Account Manager

Elias Zabud is the Head of Content and Account Manager at Danrricos Solutions Marketing Agency. He has over 10 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry, working with a variety of clients to create effective campaigns and strategies. Elias is passionate about helping businesses reach their goals through creative and innovative marketing solutions. He is an expert in content creation, account management, and digital marketing. He has a deep understanding of the latest trends and technologies in the industry and is always looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of campaigns. Elias is a highly organized and detail-oriented professional who is committed to delivering results. He is a team player who is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that clients are satisfied with the services provided. He is also an excellent communicator who is able to effectively collaborate with clients and colleagues.


Strategy in Play & Creativity in Action 


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At Danrricos Solutions, we believe that experiences are the cornerstone of success. We strive to create meaningful connections with our partners, helping them to stand out from the crowd and create an unforgettable experience for their customers. Our team of experienced marketing professionals are dedicated to delivering the highest return on investment for you, our partner. We are proud to have partners in the USA, Brazil, and Panama, and are always looking for new opportunities to expand our reach. Our passion is to help our partners reach their goals and create an impact in their respective industries.


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